“GENMU” is creative products and a realization of mens fantasies!!
As you know, there are 2 different mainstreams of world’s mens masturbation tool, Tenga and Fleshlight. GENMU is neither a kind of Tenga nor a type of Fleshlight! GENMU is made by the concept of getting from the best of them and also at the reasonable price.

GENMU is not even in the single-use type of Ona-Cup like most of Tenga products.
GENMU’s appearance is though like Cup style itself, while GENMU really is the multiple use type like Ona-Hole!
So we proudly call this new category of mens masturbation tool.
GENMU is made by the concepts which are highly creative and a enables to realize of mens fantasies!

The new GENMU has been reborn into
a solid type with plenty of new material and a spirited playing on a plump stretch.

To the undeveloped zone that has never been guided by anyone yet.
How far can you endure intense tightening!

GENMU proudly presents an electrical masturbation machine !!

The GENMU POWER PISTON is there for when you want something to rub you off into a whole new stratosphere.
Slide in the Genmu onacup and then let the robotic piston get to work, thrusting away on your lubricated member up to 240 times a minute in 12 different kinds of patterns.

New masturbating cup GENMU Jr is high class disposal cup for one time more luxury experience than ever.

The Genmu series of onacup masturbation aids come in a fun pop design and are made with new materials with both convenience and pleasure in mind.

The Genmu series of onacup masturbation aids come in a fun pop design and are made with new materials with both convenience and pleasure in mind. Open up the lid and take off the seal. Pour in your lube (handily stored in the bottom cap) and then you are ready to get going.
With a harder texture, though without sacrificing the incredible swirl of the inner passage.
Of course, the whole toy can be easily taken out of the onacup casing for cleaning.

Unscented, non-sticky, and formed from a high resistance material.
Duarable of being water washed without injury and repeatedly!

The hole provides a big stimulus to your cock before insersion ended.
Small but detailed and elaborated inner structure.
Realized and molded complicated intravaginal.
Get a kick out of the feeling of your cock to intrude super real vagina!

Storing case for GENMU CAPSULE is smart and stylish!

Evolution of material!
The new trend of Luxury masturbation Cups!
The series has 6 different models made with 3 different characterized materials with various softness.

All of them is like Girly Skin, are reusable, odorless, non-tacky and stretchy.
Each model is delicately designed by the master, each with different excitement and special texture.
G's Pots are simple, neat, real and easy to store.

Here is the GENMU BE-MAX,
a reusable mobile masturbation sleeve that slips almost flat in your pocket for when you want it.
Offered in confidence and an evolved product made in Japan.