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Purchasing Method

To begin, use either the category list or the search engine to find the items you want.

Upon finding a desired item, select the quantity and click [PROCEED].

Next, follow the purchasing instructions.

- Click [CART] on the right-hand top menu to view a list of the items you have currently selected.

The card payment URL and calculated total cost shall be sent upon receipt of your order.

Should problems arise with the Shopping Cart, use the Order Form.

Upon clicking, a new window will open. While searching for the items you want, simply input the items on the order form.

After placing your order, a letter of confirmation with your customer number will be sent to your e-mail address. To confirm the completion of your order, just press [CONFIRM] on the left-hand menu.


Member Point System

On April 1st, 2004 the English site underwent complete renewal. All member ID's as of this date are considered expired and require re-registration.
Acquired member points shall be fully credited to each account with an additional 750 point bonus for each new registration. What a bargain!

Upon becoming a member, you can earn points with every order, depending on the amount of your purchase. Under the current opening campaign, 1 point shall be earned per every 50 yen. (Regularly 1 point per every 100 yen) As a bonus, 750 points shall be credited to your account upon becoming a member!
Once you become a member, your personal data will be conveniently stored so there will be no more need to input your personal information.

Upon reaching 1000 points or more, you shall earn discount credit [1,000 yen discount = 1,000 points] good towards your next purchase!
Start saving your points now!

    1,000 points=1,000 yen discount
    2,000 points=2,100 yen discount
    3,000 points=3,300 yen discount
    4,000 points=4,400 yen discount
    5,000 points=5,500 yen discount
    6,000 points=6,600 yen discount
    7,000 points=7,700 yen discount
    8,000 points=8,800 yen discount
    9,000 points=9,900 yen discount

Should you desire to use your discount credit, simply input the amount of earned points you wish to apply towards your purchase in the payment calculation page. Your discount credit shall be applied to your order. The adjusted amount will not automatically appear on the screen, nor will it appear in your e-mail confirmation. A separate e-mail shall be sent to you, confirming the application of your discount credit towards your order.
Points can only be use as discounts; they cannot be used alone towards purchases.

Shipping Fees

Due to the significant increase in transportation costs and delivery costs in other countries, <
EMS charges will be revised from June 2022.

Shipping fees will vary, depending on the area of the shipping destination.

The shipping fees which appear on your screen are merely minimum. Usually, the shipping fees will be lower than the amount which appears on your screen; however, there may be times when these fees are higher.

The actual shipping fees shall be calculated based on the total weighs, and applied towards your purchase upon receipt of your order.

The actual shipping fees shall be included in your e-mail confirmation.

Shipping charge is FREE to customers buying more than 80,000 YEN ( Buying DVD only ).

Shipping charge is 30% OFF to customers buying more than 50,000 YEN ( Buying DVD only ).

As YEN-DOLLAR exchange rates change, the exchange rate at the time of your order shall be applied towards your total cost.

List of Shipping Fees ( estimated):

JAPAN less than 6000 YEN : 670 YEN, more than 6000 yen : FREE OF CHARGE
1450 YEN
1600 YEN
1750 YEN
1900 YEN
2050 YEN
1900 YEN
2150 YEN
2400 YEN
2650 YEN
2900 YEN
4460 YEN
4740 YEN
5020 YEN
3150 YEN
3650 YEN
3900 YEN
3150 YEN
3650 YEN
3650 YEN
3600 YEN


Payment Options


For all customers' safety, all credit card information shall be encrypted and protected using the SSL Security System.
You can VISA , MASTERCARD , and JCB credits cards can be used at this time.

All orders shall be shipped the next business day (not including JAPANESE holidays) following the receipt of your order, pending confirmation of credit card approval.
As YEN-DOLLAR exchange rates change, the exchange rate at the time of your order shall be applied towards your total cost.

All customer credit card orders are supported by the JAPAN-based company, [ CREDIX ] This information will appear on your credit card statement.

Q: What is CREDIX Ltd.?
A: CREDIX Ltd. is the name of the company which handles the credit settlements for all websites, computer and cellular. They support all forms of online transactions, from administration to marketing support, including customer service business and system development. All questions regarding shop operation, however, should be directed to RAINBOW SHOPPERS.

Q: When will I be billed?
A: Due to the wide range of billing periods set by each credit card agency, we suggest that you contact your credit card agency directly for billing information.

Q: Regarding billing statements...
A: Billing statements are received in accord with each credit card agency's policy. You will NOT receive a separate billing statement from ZERO Ltd. Also, "RAINBOW SHOPPERS" name will not appear on your billing statements. Instead, "CREDIX" or "ZERO" shall be indicated for such purchases.

Q: Regarding multiple and revolving payments...
A: All transactions with CREDIX Ltd. shall be made with a single payment. Please contact your credit card agency for multiple and/or revolving payment requests.

Delivery Information

NO SALES TO MINORS! All purchases must be made by persons aged 18 years or over, or at the age considered legal by the laws of his or her current residence.

RAINBOW SHOPPERS will ship its products to any location worldwide. However,depending on the country, state, or region of the purchaser, it may be prohibited by law to purchase or own adult materials. In such cases, it is the sole responsibility of the individual to purchase our products.
Should your purchased merchandise be seized by customs, RAINBOW SHOPPERS will NOT refund your payment. And, RAINBOW SHOPPERS will NOT be held responsible for any legal or financial issues uncurred..

All orders are shipped by EMS, a shipping service approved by the Japan Postal Office.
To ship your parcel to another address, simply input the separate address in the [COMMENTS] box.

An e-mail confirmation will be sent upon shipment of your order.

Please contact us via e-mail should for any shipping errors. Upon return of the mis-directed shipment, a new shipment will immediately be sent.