VIA THROTTLE RING ( beginner ) Let’s stimulate your perineum! ¥ 1,480
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COREPAD ( small ) New TEARDROP RING by a Japanese toy production!! ¥ 1,080
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MY ROD (M) A high quality silicone dildo with a realistic look and texure. ¥ 1,380
THE IMPERIAL 44mm COCK RING ( 15mm Brushed ) Enlarge your penis with this elegant and stylish cock essential! ¥ 5,980
THE IMPERIAL 44mm COCK RING ( 15mm Mirror ) Enlarge your penis with this elegant and stylish cock essential! ¥ 5,980
ZUIKI GEL 10 The ZUIKI GEL lubricant in a single-usage dose. The long nozzle gives maximum ease during use. ¥ 1,980
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