BIN BIN !! DOWNTOWN BOYS -DVD- ( mh fair )

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2021/11/26 - 2022/03/01
GENRE Middle-aged / Older Men / Heavy
NOTES DVD / 80min
DATE 2003/10/29

Fabulous seniors...sucking and fucking....having the time of their youthful lives!

Honeymoon....Yutaka Watanabe(47 yrs) and Kouichi Ogawa (41 yrs)

Big dick senior guy with a manly short hair cut and stubbly facial hair, and a chubby dude embrace in hot passion!
In addition to 69, rimming, and sucking each other's hot cocks, watch as they explode on their faces as they experience their first ass fuck! Definitely not-to-be-missed!

Come play with my asshole....Isamu Yamamoto(58 yrs) versus Mr Hat

Big-bellied daddy born in 1944, born in the year of the Monkey, becomes prey to men...He gets a super hard-on as his anal muscles gets expanded with probing fingers. Finally, he explodes his load with the help of a staff member's caressing touch!

Addiction....Ichiro Nakayama(59 yrs) versus Mr. Hat

Almost in his 60s, this senior guy has an expressionless face...but he's got a raging hard-on! After spitting on his cock, he starts to jerk off thinking of a hot cock in his mouth and other obscene thoughts on his mind!
His nice pink asshole gets fucked as he cries out in ecstasy. Watch in awe as he cums!

Well-endowed daddy...Shinichi Yajima (45 yrs)

A handsome construction worker moans and groans in front of the camera! He has nothing to hide and is more than willing to open his ass up for the world to see as he teases you with his super huge cock, right before your very eyes!

Mr Jumbo....Kouichi Matsudo(50 yrs) versus Mr Hat

Woah...this guy has a huge belly with a diameter of 150cm, with a face that could pass for a gangster. His first step on the road to man sex starts with getting his uncircumcised cock tongue flicked! After the intense fuck session, he simultaneously cums as his partner cums in his ass!

Like middle-aged men? Then this is definitely for you! These guys in their 40s and 50s are in their prime and they show it by getting together and getting it on without inhibition! This breath-taking show is 80 minutes long and consists of four erotic acts and one masturbation scene!

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